Canon Printer is not Responding

A usual inconvenience happens when your Canon Printer is not responding in Windows 11. Canon’s printers are one of the best available brand names which offer quality products at a cost-efficient budget. However, sometimes an issue of unresponsiveness may interrupt your printing tasks. For every Canon’s printer user, it is possible to fix this issue on their own with our given troubleshooting guidelines.

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Methods to Resolve Canon Printer is not responding in Windows 11

Check these below-given troubleshooting ways that will surely fix this issue of Windows 11 Canon printer not responding.

Run Printer Troubleshooter

The Printer troubleshooter is the inbuilt program in the Windows system that manually look out for the issue and guide you to fix it. It all starts with Windows and I keys on the settings now go to the “system” option and then the Troubleshoot. Another option will also be available the “other troubleshooter” you have to just run or activate it.

To simply apply this troubleshooting procedure, you should contact our Canon printer customer service. Our team of professionals will help to guide you to run this troubleshooting on your system. If this method did not work out in fixing Canon printer is not responding in windows 11 issue, try the following. 

Ensure Basic Requirements 

For printers that work via USB cable, make sure to unplug and plug it again into another USB port. Get a new USB cable if it got defective. Network-connected Canon printer should try reconnecting it with your wi-fi again. You should also check for any error in the network connection, router or connected devices with wi-fi. If some Bluetooth-connected printers are having this unresponsive issue, then just try to unpair or repair the connection with printer.

Our team of professional Canon printer customer care is the best option to get more of the basic troubleshooting guidelines. We will surely help you out from this issue of Windows 11 Canon printer not responding. 

Restart Printer Spooler

The Printer Spooler service is the program, that keeps your printer connected with your printer. This function might not be working properly and that is why you are having printer’s unresponsive problem.

To fix this just reset the spooler service. It is possible with the Windows and R keys that will show you the run box. Now, type the “services.msc” and proceed with it then select the print spooler and restart it. Now, check if this way you have fixed the issue of Canon Printer is not responding in Windows 11.

With our team of professional experts, you can get detailed remote guidelines that will help you to complete this procedure of restarting the print spooler. 

Configure the Compatible Printer Port

Your Canon printer does not respond because it got connected to an improper port. You have to change it through the settings.

It starts with commanding the Windows and R keys at the same time then entering “Control” in the box and under the “view by” option choosing the “large icons”. Now go to the “devices and printers”. Just right-click on your Canon printer and find your printer properties. Proceed with changing properties and then go to the port tab. There you will get the “USB” or “DOT4” in the description if your printer is connected to USB. The “WSD” “network” or “IP” in the description if you are using printer that is connected to network. Now apply this setting.

Many users found it hard to configure the correct printer port with their Canon printer. Therefore, we are suggesting you contact our Canon printer customer service to get rid of this Canon Printer is not responding in Windows 11. Our team of technical experts will guide you step-by-step so that you can easily complete this process. 

Update Printer Driver

The most cause is the usage of an older or incompatible version of the printer driver on your device for your Canon printer. You can simply overcome from it by updating the printer driver for your Canon printer. 

Just start with Windows and R keys and type “devmgmt.msc”. This will show you the print queue section then go to the Canon printer driver and click on the “Update driver”. Now, select the “Search automatically for drivers” option. This will start looking for an available driver version and complete it by installing it. 

Another way to install the latest driver version is to go to the printer driver page of the official website of Canon. Just put your name in the search bar and find the Canon printer driver. Now continue to download and install it and make sure to restart your system once it gets done. 

Our team of professional experts will help to guide you through this complex procedure of updating printer driver. Doing this will fix the error of Canon Printer is not responding in Windows 11. 

Disable Firewall

Some of the Windows Firewall’s configuration also results in this unresponsiveness of Canon printer. You can simply disable it through Settings to “Privacy & Security” and then to the Windows security to Firewall and Network protection. Turn it off and also customize this for the private and public network.

To get assistance from an expert to disable the Windows Firewall you need to ask our Canon printer support team. We will guide you with accurate guidelines that can fix this problem of Canon Printer is not responding in Windows 11.


So, we’re done with discussing multiple troubleshooting that can help you in fixing the problem of the Canon Printer is not responding in Windows 11. Start with basic and then head over toward advanced. Any one of them will surely make your Canon printer work again. 

In applying some guidelines you must consider a technical expert. Our team support team is available at one call distance at our Canon printer customer care number +1-410-896-8780. With the help of our experts, you will get guided through each method that will surely resolve this trouble of Windows 11 Canon printer not responding.

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