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Canon Printer Stuck On Processing- How to Fix?

Canon Printer Stuck On Processing

One of the most occurring issues that users are having is the Canon printer stuck on processing. The Canon printers are quite the trusted choice by users that deliver a quality printing experience to them. These printers of Canon are affordable, with easy-to-use interfaces that make them more convenient to handle. 

Apart from all of these good things, some general issues may trouble you sometimes. However, with the help of our Canon printer customer support USA number +1-410-896-8780, you will get instructed by our technical professionals on the solution to this issue. Our team of printer experts simply guides you by providing you the various troubleshooting ways to treat this error.

Why Does my Canon Printer Stuck On Processing?

Check these common factors that erupt this trouble of stuck on processing in Canon printer.

  • The primary cause of this issue is the network connectivity problem and the device connection problem. 
  • A paper jamming also starts this stuck-on-processing error on Canon printer. 
  • Uses of the incompatible or older version of the printer driver can lead to this stucking on process trouble. 
  • A clogged print head is another condition that caused this Canon’s printer to get stuck in processing. 
  • The printer’s further hardware issues are the obvious reason for this trouble. 
  • A corrupted operating system of your device is another cause that stops your Canon printer in processing condition. 

Methods to Fix this Canon Printer Stuck On Processing Problem

Check out the following easy ways to deal with this printer Canon stuck on processing trouble: 

Check Network Connection

Before blaming your printer first start to check if there is not any internet connection issue. Try to fix it by turning off & on your printer and router. Another way is to disable the software firewall, it will let your printer respond after the processing. You can also try to connect your printer with another safe and better internet connection. 

To perform some of the fixes, you have to go through different steps. Our team of professional Canon printer experts makes this easy for everyone. You ask us and get assisted by our experts to get fix this stuck on processing in Canon printer trouble. 

Fix Paper Jam in Canon Printer

A common condition that usually happens, you just have to make put the papers in the proper position in the tray. Also, make sure to do not to exceed the paper limit in the paper tray that causes the jamming issue. 

You need to take the assistance of our professional experts. Our team will easily help you out from such conditions quickly that spoil your Printing experience.

Update Printer Driver 

As we have discussed above a software problem also leads you to this suck-on-processing issue on the Canon printer. The use of an outdated or incompatible printer driver results in this printer error. You have to simply check out for the pending update of the printer driver and install them. This may solve this Canon printer stuck on processing issue.

To do this, you have to open the Dialog box and enter the “devmgmt. msc”. This will take you to “Device management” and go to the print queue. On the Canon printer option go after the update driver option. 

To know each step in detail to update the printer driver you have to contact our canon printer customer support USA service. Our team of experts will help you in knowing how to start updating a printer driver from various devices. 

Reinstall Printer Driver

If you are already using an updated version of printer driver, then you must try to reinstall it again on your printer through your device. There is a higher chance that doing this can fix this Canon printer stuck on processing error. 

It starts from, the Control panel to “Devices & Printers” select the canon printer option and uninstall it. After following a few steps uninstall the printer driver. 

Now, from the browser go to the official website of Canon and find the driver section. Select your device and operating system of yours and get the compatible driver for your device.

For a full guide of steps, you have to take our expert’s assistance through our canon printer customer support USA service. Our team of experts will guide you through the procedure of reinstalling the printer driver on your device. If this method does not work, then try the next one to fix this Canon Printer Stuck On Processing trouble.  

Clean Print Queue

A blocked print queue also stops your Canon printer from working. An easy cleaning process can fix your Canon printer. You just have to turn off the printer and plug out the power cord. Now go to the Windows services from your device. Find the print spooler and force-stop it. Just empty the file folder in the “Printers” option and plug in the power cord and restart the printer. This will fix the issue of the Canon printer stuck on processing problems.

Our team of Canon printer experts is available for guiding you through the required steps that can fix the blocked print queue condition. 

Fix Print-Head Clogging

The print-head blockage issue happens when you use it after a long time. In this condition, its ink got dried and you will not able to start printing. You can fix this just by cleaning the ink cartridge with dry paper with the correct directions. 

You just have to contact our Canon printer customer support experts. We will guide you to perform the accurate way to clean the ink cartridge. This will help you to treat this Canon Printer Stuck On Processing issue.


Here, we have stated all of the possible methods which are useful to resolve this stuck-on processing problem on Canon printers. You have to try all of our troubleshooting steps and make sure which one can fix your printer. 

Our team of printer canon printer customer support USA number +1-410-896-8780 is the instant option for receiving help. Our team of canon printer experts will guide you so that you can get rid of this Canon Printer Stuck On Processing obstacle. 

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