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How to Fix Slow PC Performance After Installing Mcafee Antivirus?

The McAfee antivirus is one of its products that work to protect your computer from viruses or any other threat. Performing all of the safety operations and virus scans requires more strength of your device’s processor. It is the reason which causes the problem of Slow PC Performance After Installing Antivirus of Mcafee.

Your slow computer performance clearly shows that your PC or laptop does not meet the system requirements. Many other conditions of your PC result in slow-down PC issues. Our team of antivirus support services is a team of experts who provide technical customer support. We help people in fixing their slow PC issues after getting Mcafee antivirus in it. You have to just contact us through our given number +1-410-896-8780, live chat, or email support option.

Does McAfee Slow Your Windows PC Performance After Installing Mcafee Antivirus?

In some conditions, it happens that your Windows or other operating systems may slow down because of it. You are advised to use a single antivirus program at a time, it will consume fewer resources on your PC operating system.

Its auto-update function is another factor that requires a big amount of system resource usage. Working on an older PC or operating system and hardware is the clear reason that makes it slower. An outdated version of McAfee antivirus is also one of the causes of your pc slow performance.

Why Does McAfee Slow Down PC Performance After Installing Mcafee Antivirus ?

First, let’s check out the causes that trigger the issue of slow PC performance. Afterward, we will help you with troubleshooting to fix Slow PC Performance After Installing the antivirus of Mcafee.

Automatic & Full Scan

The Auto-scan of McAfee performs a scan on your PC and it starts whenever you are working on any other task. In this condition, the scan and other operations will start consuming more RAM, CPU, and Bandwidth power. If your device lacks storage memory, your device will start having slow PC issues. 

A full scan also scans a part of your boot drive which takes a long time and the capacity of CPU and RAM.

Regular Auto-Update

McAfee performs an auto-update which helps to keep it upgraded so that it can protect your PC from more advanced viruses and threats. Again it is a time and your PC resource-consuming process. To know how to deal with this you have to concern our customer service. Our experts will share the solution for this Slow PC Performance After Installing Mcafee Antivirus problem.

System Requirements

If you are using an older PC or laptop, then you will surely have slow PC trouble after getting the McAfee program. You can make sure of the requirements and upgrade your system’s RAM that works well with this antivirus program.

No Disk Space Or Older McAfee Version

If your PC runs out of disk storage it will make it hard for your PC to complete the scanning or other tasks. Using an outdated version of the antivirus program of McAfee also causes a slow performance issue on your PC.

How Can I Fix Slow PC Performance After Installing Mcafee Antivirus?

Here are the multiple ways with which you can deal with the slow computer performance that you are having after getting the McAfee program:

Disable Auto Scan Option

As we have discussed above, auto scan mode in McAfee runs in the background continuously. That is why it takes a high amount of consumption of resources. To turn off this auto-scan option you have to go to the McAfee dashboard to settings. Afterward, you have to turn off auto-scan and save the settings.

Our professional technical support service offers experts who will help you with guidelines. It will fix Slow PC Performance After Installing Mcafee. We will also guide you with alternative ways to complete the virus scan on your PC. 

Optimize McAfee Memory Usage

McAfee needs a device with at least 1GHz CPU and 2GB of RAM. Its further optimal requirements are quite high and can usually slow your 4GB RAM device. Your Windows or Mac operating system can let you change configuring settings. 

To decrease the amount of memory used on your computer you have to command ctrl, Alt, and delete. Through task managers go to more details and then set low to limit McAfee resource usage.

You can get detailed guidelines of solutions that can fix Slow PC Performance After Installing Mcafee Antivirus. By just contacting our customer service for customer service you will get assisted by our experts.

Disable McAfee

Another effective way is just to turn off the antivirus program of McAfee for some time. It will gradually fix your PC performance. For this, you have to go to the settings of your McAfee to the option of real-time scanning and turn it off. You can change the time limit for how long you want to turn off this program from the firewall setting. 

You should consider our experts who will share the appropriate steps which can turn McAfee off. We will also help you to know the alternative way that can protect your PC from viruses or other threats. Our solution will surely resolve the issue of Slow PC Performance After Installing Mcafee Antivirus.

More Options

In other options, multiple things must be aligned with the usage of McAfee and your device to improve your PC speed. You have to install the latest version of McAfee, which has a robust advanced security program that can keep your device safe. Remove other antivirus programs, because they may create confrontation that will badly impact your PC performance. 

Another thing you must look at is using upgraded hardware for your PC. A RAM with more free space can easily deal with high power resource usage by McAfee.

Conclusion of Slow PC Performance After Installing Mcafee Antivirus

We have discussed every possible solution which can help you to fix the issue of Slow PC Performance After Installing Mcafee Antivirus. You have to go through one by one all of these methods one by one and ensure they can resolve the problem. 

Our trustworthy mcafee antivirus customer support will offer you technical support. We will assist you with the guidelines to complete the troubleshooting process. Our experts will suggest further solutions for your device safety. You can contact us through our toll-free number +1-410-896-8780, live chat, and email address.

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