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How to Solve the Canon Printer Error P02?

canon printer error P02

The Canon printer error P02 sometimes disrupts your printing experience. The Canon’s printer usually works well, but somehow there are a few general technical problems that bother its users. We will let you know the causes and ways to fix them. You can simply fix this issue just by trying some troubleshooting methods on your printer.

Our Canon Printer customer support number is +1-410-896-8780 which is available in delivering the solution. Our team of technical printer support will provide you with the solution that can fix this issue of P02 error on canon printer. Other sources to reach us are live chat or email.

What Are the Reasons for this Canon Printer Error P02 Issue?

There can be multiple causes that are responsible for this P02 error in Canon’s printer. Some of them are below-mentioned.

  • A faulty ink cartridge results in this P02 error in the printer of canon.
  • Another reason is when your canon’s printer can’t connect to the cartridge. 

No matter what is the reason, anyone can fix this error on their own. We will help you to get done with fixing this issue by yourself. Our expert team of Canon printer customer service will guide you to apply the troubleshooting guidelines that will start your Canon’s printer working again. 

Methods to Fix Canon Printer Error P02

Here are some of the exclusive ways to fix this p02 error on canon printer:

Power Cycle

It starts by simply turning off your printer and then turning it on after a while. Now, turn the cartridge from right to left and check if there is not any paper or paper clip in it. 

Clean The Canon Printer

Now, you have to go through a cleaning process, which starts from turn off your printer and unplug the printer’s power cord. Now, pull out the obstacle object and use any tool to pull it out. 

Also, make sure to check into the whole Canon printer. Now, you have to turn on the printer and open the access. The printer head can be moved so that you can change the ink, now let the access cover open and unplug again the power cord. 

Easily, slide the carriage to the right side and look for the obstacles in the center and left part of it. If you find any foreign particle, just pluck it out. You just have to slide left the carriage on your printer. Similarly, check the right side of the printer and look for any particle and remove it with a long-nose plier.

Make sure to clean the encoder strip with a dry cloth. Now, you can turn on the Canon’s printer this will fix this issue of the P02 error on canon printer. 

It is not easy for many customers to perform this cleaning troubleshooting on their own. Therefore, our team of Canon printer support services will help you out by guiding you through every step. Our technical experts are well-aware of every technicality and can easily guide you so that you can fix this Canon Printer Error P02.


Here, we have covered the possible and easiest troubleshooting to fix this error of P02 in Canon’s printer. You just have to make sure to carefully perform this cleaning procedure to get rid of this problem.  It is not easy for many users, that is why you should ask our team of experts. 

Our Canon Printer customer support number +1-410-896-8780 delivers the team of technical professionals. You can also start an instant chat or mail us for the solution. We can simply guide you to perform this method that can fix this Canon’s printer error P02. 

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